Big news from Resli's World

Dear Blog Fans:
There is big news indeed -- I'm moving!

The powers that be (aka Mami) have decided that maintaining a blog for me and a blog for my sister is far too much work. I agree, since she's barely posted since Christmas. So she decided to combine our blogs together in to one family that will be updated as frequently as possible with news about me, Lela, Mami and Daddy and anything that is important to us. Sometimes all together, sometimes separately, but in one lovely digital place. So check your RSS feeds and be sure to add the new site to your favorites list. And check the World Wide Wards out at http://world-wide-wards.blogspot.com!
Thank you for following me all these 5 years, I hope you'll still keep up with my life as a part of the Ward family. We'll see you over there!


Spending time on campus

I've been sick the last couple days. Nothing major as far as we or the pediatrician can tell - my eye is getting better and I have a little bit of a cough, some fluid in my ear, you know, the standard for March in Florida - but enough to keep me out of daycare. With Daddy being out of town and Mami having a full couple days of classes and meetings, well, we didn't have much choice but for me to tag along.
I went to Mami's class and talked to her students - I wanted to teach them all about princesses.

Then I checked out the view from the other side of the table.

I think I liked being a teacher better!
That was yesterday, today we had a Graduate Committee meeting, a faculty meeting, and lunch with a visiting scholar. I behaved surprisingly well, but it was a tough day on all of us. Thank goodness Mami's students and colleagues are very patient and understanding. And tomorrow, no matter what, I'm going to daycare!
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Eye update

Wow, those eye drops are something else, I'm doing SOOO much better in just two days.
My right eye is almost totally normal and my left eye is much improved.

By the end of the week I should be as good as new!
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Another first: PINK EYE

I woke up this morning with runny, pink, swollen, painful eyes. The weekend pediatric physician service diagnosed me over the phone and I've now got eye drops to help take care of it. I don't like the eye drops at all.

But other than that I'm being a trooper about it.

(These pictures are the mildest, blog-friendliest ones we have. It's a pretty unattractive ailment...)
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Pajama Day!

Today was Pajama Day at school, which means I got to wear my pjs all day long. Woohoo!

Lela didn't go to school today, she spent the day at Grandma's, but she wanted to wear her pajamas too, so we let her.

Fun fun fun!
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A message for Daddy, who's away on a work trip

Sorry for the technological confusion there, these new gadgets can be so confusing!


Half a decade!

Can you believe 5 years have passed since I was born? And can you believe that I'm already a big 5-year-old girl?!? To celebrate my special day Mami and Daddy brought cupcakes to my class at school so we could have a party with my friends.
Now, don't let this shock you, but we went with an Ariel theme again this year. Didn't Mami do a fabulous job?
Just kidding, Publix did the work this time around - isn't it amazing? They're cupcakes, so it was super easy to serve them.
Before we could eat, everyone said a prayer and sang Happy Birthday to me and to my friend Albert, who shares the same birthday.
Then we got down to business. Notice that Lela came to visit my class for the party - she was psyched to hang out with us big kids!
Yep, those sure were some yummy cupcakes!
After eating we all got up and did the A Tooty Ta dance.
Lela got to stay for that part too. Then she cried when she had to go back to her own class. But other than that sad moment it was a great party and I loved being the birthday girl all day!


The big pre-party

Today was my pre-birthday, and we had a pre-birthday party to celebrate. (I'm having another party at school tomorrow with my friends, but this was for family and special friends like Ms. Jenifer.)
I opened some great presents, books, toys, clothes, etc.

And I got some nice cards from everyone too.

Of course, it wouldn't be a (pre-)party without cake - it even had my name on it!

I was so excited about the cake!

I blew out all the candles by myself and then wished, out loud, to be a princess. :)
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Reading together

Lela and I are starting to share a lot of the same interests, and we have similar taste in books. This is good because it lets us share our books.

And our chair, of course, we like sharing our chair.

Sisters are great!
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A new do

Happy New Year, blogfans! I started the new year with a big change - a major hair cut.
In this first picture you can see my old hairstyle, which was getting very long. (And yes, in this picture I'm wheeling Lela around in the babydoll's stroller!)

Mami took me to get it cut and they cut a lot off!

What do you think? Mami really likes it, it's a lot easier in Florida's weather. I like it too, I think I look like a princess!
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We wish you a merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, blogfans! I gut up all aquiver with excitement at 6:30 this morning to go see if Santa had come. He had! At least, that's not what our tree and stockings looked like last night...

I paid pretty much no attention to that huge lump of wrapping paper to the left of the tree, but was fascinated with my stocking stuffers, from barrettes and headbands to M&Ms and slinkys.

Eventually though I discovered that big oddly shaped (and oddly wrapped thing) and discovered not only that it was for me but that it was also a real big-girl bicycle! I was so excited I climbed on before the paper was even off of it.

But then later I opened a few of the necessary accoutrements, such as streamers and a helmet (oh, and my ballet clothes, because everyone rides bikes dressed as ballerinas, don't they?), and got a better pose on the bike.

Pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately it rained all day so we didn't get a chance to try it out except in the living room, but I bet it'll be tons of fun. How were your Christmases, blog fans?
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My Christmas Pageant

This year I got to participate in the Christmas Pageant at church. I was a lamb. (Or a sheep, I've been called both.)

Aren't I cute?

My main job was to lead the procession to the altar, so I practiced that, back and forth:

I also got to sing Away in a Manger, and I did wonderfully. Mami and Daddy and Grandma and Granddaddy were very proud of me!


A special visit

Today was a special day for me. I got to go to Daddy's Rotary Club with him. Not just that, but guess who was there? SANTA! I was so excited to see him I ran up and gave him a great big hug.

I also told him all about what a, ehem, good girl I've been all year long. I think he believed me!

He promised he would come visit me in a couple days...
After that Daddy took me to a park near his office, which I thought was very fun. My second park trip in two days - isn't vacation great?!?


The Great Christmas Performance

Today was our holiday concert at school. Here we are singing our two songs: Away in a Manger and Jingle Bells.

What do you think?


My first gingerbread house

At school this week we made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. Here's mine:

It didn't last very long though!


Dance recital

Last week we had our dance recital in Ms. Amy's dance class. I showed off my moves for the crowd.

Check out the air on this one - good photography Daddy!

I've told Santa that I really hope he brings me some new dance clothes, since mine are getting way too small. Do you think he will?